Erectile Dysfunction

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Oral ED medications are not effective for most men and can have many harmful side effects. At SC RegenCare, an erectile dysfunction treatment clinic in Charleston, we offer a treatment that attacks the cause of the problem without the use of pills, needles, or harmful side effects.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man experiences inadequate blood flow to keep or retain an erection. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction may be experiencing physical or psychological limitations that keep them from having an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse. Through non-invasive procedures and assistive devices, SC RegenCare in Charleston can help formulate an erectile dysfunction treatment plan to resolve your issues.

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How ED Occurs

For younger men, anxiety and psychological issues can interfere with an erection and create temporary instances of Erectile Dysfunction. Injuries or negative lifestyle factors such as poor diet, smoking and inadequate exercise can lead to situations where younger men develop ED. However, these causes impact older men at higher degrees of intensity.

ED can emerge in older men through psychological issues or an unhealthy lifestyle as well. These issues can eventually lead to health problems that emerge in men later in life such as vascular disease, diabetes, hormone imbalances and other ailments. Diseases that limit blood flow often progress with age, directly affecting a man’s ability to gain an erection. For health issues that hinder your blood flow, further assistance is needed to help maintain an erection.


One in 10 men suffer from ED*. ED can occur when blood flow is blocked or restricted to the corpora cavernosa, the two chambers that allow blood circulation to reach an erection. Multiple factors can contribute to ED including the aging process, obesity, conditions that inhibit blood flow and lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking or drug use. With the discomfort and pain that can come from invasive options for treatment, many men are seeking a natural solution with better, long-term results.

*SOURCE: Cleveland Clinic – Statistics on Erectile Dysfunction

Our Solutions

At SC RegenCare in Charleston, our clinic’s team specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment plans that aim to increase blood flow and reduce blockage that keeps you from staying fully erect. We provide you with a personalized program to deal with the issue of erectile dysfunction. We offer procedures developed for men seeking erectile dysfunction treatment that not only want to achieve lasting results but also seek to improve their performance using holistic treatment methods that tap into the body’s own healing capabilities. With state-of-the-art solutions such as acoustic wave therapy from Smart-Wave, male enhancement technology, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, we can help regain your confidence and retain a longer-lasting erection.