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At SC RegenCare in Charleston we treat erectile dysfunction using a male enhancement device designed to help those facing erectile dysfunction regain sensation by stimulating blood flow and allowing for the corporeal tissue to expand. This vacuum pump is a natural solution for erectile dysfunction that provides a safe, innovative and non-invasive way to improve erections. It maintains the pressure needed to bring better blood flow towards an erection and can help make gaining erections easier with frequent use.

The male enhancement device for erectile dysfunction from SC RegenCare in Charleston is made with patient safety taken into account as it is made from medically tested and approved materials and features adjustable pressure buttons to regulate decompression, inflation, and deflation. With proper maintenance, our male enhancement device provides ED patients with a stronger, fuller feeling for a longer period of time. Experience better erections and optimal sexual performance.

The Next Step in Enhancement

LCD display

The male enhancement device for erectile dysfunction from SC RegenCare features a state-of-the-art LCD display that is intuitive and provides a finely-tuned control panel for higher accuracy.

USB Rechargeable Battery

The device’s pressure control is based on the temperature required to effectively treat ED. Its USB rechargeable battery increases its utility for convenient accessibility by allowing the device to be recharged at any location with USB support.

Supporting Upto 120 Minutes

The device’s battery life is resourceful, supporting up to 120 minutes of use with an onscreen indicator letting you know when it needs to be recharged.

What to Expect

Improved erections caused by erectile dysfunction & impotence
Can improve curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease
Restores overall sexual function
Treats ejaculatory disorders

How We Can Help

At SC RegenCare, we offer our male enhancement devices in Charleston as another option for erectile dysfunction as it provides stimulation to allow blood flow to an erection and improve performance. The device poses fewer risks than invasive treatment options that are more uncomfortable and prone to trigger troublesome side effects.

It is also an effective method of treatment as a majority of men are able to sustain an erection after use. As a drug-free solution, it is compatible with other methods of ED treatments to help amplify results.

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