Linear focused shockwave therapy for the treatment of ED

At SC RegenCare in Charleston, we use Smart-Wave® shockwave therapy to treat ED.  Shockwave therapy is a scientifically proven, non-invasive procedure that uses low frequency sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis to optimize erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance.

The Smart-Wave® system from SC RegenCare in Charleston uses shockwave therapy, also known as acoustic wave therapy, to stimulate the body’s repair mechanisms to tighten tissue and enhance blood flow for men struggling with Erectile Dysfunction. It is a comprehensive, safe and comfortable treatment for men to optimize sexual performance and to reverse the effects of ED due to poor blood flow.

With shockwave therapy from SC RegenCare in Charleston, it’s easy to start your journey to ED treatment and a happier and healthier sexual life.

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Why Use Smart-Wave®

The Smart-Wave® device at SC RegenCare in Charleston provides shockwave therapy that can be used for many indications but it is particularly effective in helping men with erectile dysfunction. For men to have a sustainable erection, they must have proper blood flow to gain the level of firmness they need for intercourse. However, men with ED are often affected by conditions that either block or slow down the passage of blood flow to their erections.

ED treatment plans that involve pills or injections only help to improve the situation on an as-needed basis and don’t provide a longer lasting means of maintaining an erection. Because Smart-Wave® works to increase blood flow by stimulating the target region with acoustic waves, it improves the erectile mechanism so that men can have erections on their own. It also works to treat Peyronie’s disease as shockwave treatment has shown optimistic results in reducing the curvature and plaque associated with the disorder.


Custom energy inputs from 10mJ to 190mJ, at 10mJ intervals
Frequency rates from 1Hz to 22Hz, at 1Hz intervals
Each ballistic bullet provides at least 2 million shots
Can support over 6,000 continuous pulses
38 treatment protocols

The Benefits of Using Smart-Wave®

Patients with erectile dysfunction can expect much better results as blood flow is improved to help them gain an erection on their own. Acoustic waves increase blood flow throughout all tissue layers by stimulating cells to exchange substances between one another and provide the blood necessary to maintain an erection.

Smart-Wave® is the next generation of shockwave therapy systems for ED treatment. Compared to older models from other brands, Smart-Wave® leads the pack with the latest in hardware and software features. Over 500 units have been installed worldwide and over 20,000,000 patients treated. Production standards set by Smart-Wave® take quality control to the next step as the system is shipped with great care and takes feedback from clients into serious consideration.